Anti Money Laundering

Anti-money laundering (AML) refers to the activities financial institutions perform to achieve compliance with legal requirements to actively monitor for and report suspicious activities.

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A flexible and efficient award-winning solution

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Automated customers and transactions monitoring and reporting of suspicious activity.

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Protect your brand reputation and shareholder value.


Stay away from civil and criminal penalties that could be levied because of noncompliance or negligence.


Next-Gen Anti-Money Laundering

A truly modern solution that’s more automated, efficient, and effective. With new features such as AML onboarding to detect real-time risk while new account opening, we augment traditional rules-based approaches to drive down the rate of false positives and more accurately detect and predict activity worth investigating.


AI and Machine Learning Redefine AML

Artificial intelligence plays a big role in the defense against money laundering to increase accuracy, lower cost, and save time. Tasks that formerly required human intervention, such as the disposition of alerts can be automated. More risks are detected and effectively prioritized with sophisticated analytics techniques and also richer context for investigations is provided.


5 Game Changers to Fight Money Laundering

Digital transformation has created opportunities for criminal organizations to run complex money laundering and financing schemes. At the same time, AML investigators’ capacities are stretched to the limit. Effectively battling new threats requires new capabilities for AML defense – such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, intelligent automation, and advanced visualization. Based on decades of analytics expertise and proven AML techniques, our solution can dramatically change your game plan for fighting financial crimes.

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